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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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into a house after an out of control car smashes right in to it. we are live on the scene where police are sorting out details of this wild early morning crash. a three teenage girls at fault in the death of the classmate? delaware judge is set to make a decision in the case of the 16 year-old who died after a school fight. and our stretch of warmer weather, continues and just wait until you see katie's easter forecast, that is coming up. today is thursday april 13th, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. >> i have a hard time on twit ter because of that. we were clearly just joking. >> those just joining us it has to do with the lottery story. >> um-hmm. >> very generous. >> yes. >> hello, katie and meisha. >> good morning. >> happy thursday, gateway, you can tell. this is how we get toward end of the week. it has been a very busy morning. lots of construction. most of which are moving out of our way. couple to talk about. >> well, the weather will
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cooperate for us, not as warm as we saw in the last couple days. looking outside we have a nice clear start to the day, once that sun comes up it will shine brightly. there will be included moving in with time but this is a good looking forecast. it is not as warm. outside to the live neighborhood network boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, we have clear skies, light waves, lapping up on the shoreline. it doesn't look like nobody is out there. as we have seen that boardwalk will fill up quickly. storm scan is quiet once more. we have a clear sky generally speaking. there will be a few cloud moving in with time but our temperature is off to a cooler start then yesterday at this same time. we are below 50. forty-nine in the city. fifty even in atlantic city. northwest wind is blowing at 12 miles an hour to make it feel chillier then the 37, much chillier up at mount pocono at this her but as day progresses we will end up in the mid 60's. it is april 13th, we should be in the lower 60's anyway. so daytime high of 66 is
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basically where we should be, a few degrees above average, obviously. we are going to eventually see another pretty substantial warming trend take place over course of the weekend but for now, some cool nights, cool mornings, and very calm, overall, with high pressure generally in place here and we don't expect any wet weather for today or tomorrow for that matter and then looking ahead to the weekend things change up, which we will talk about later on. >> take a look at that sky, katie, absolutely gorgeous. good morning, everyone. this is schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction past blue route soak it in driving around, pass those sunglasses, you will need them. i don't know if i say need to pack your patients. things are looking good out there we have an accident 309 north at nap road near 202 that has been since clear. thinks what you are looking at looking good there as well. we have an accident out there 422 in royersford, just a head up eastbound at township line road for those in that neck of the wood.
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you are in loaning traveling at posted speed showing that red showing how slow moving it is. they are saying 7 miles an hour. i can tell you it is bumper to bumper around that area if it is saying 7 miles an hour. head up, give yourself extra time there we have another accident where vehicle went in the house in east oak lane north broad street at cheltenham avenue. also, some repairs water main break in delaware. thinks it, 202 southbound at powder mill road. two right lanes blocked. we have construction crewness that area. but you can see where it is, naamans road between ridge road and i-95 that right lane is block. so for those just tuning in, overall congestion levels are good but i would give yourself a couple extra minutes in those areas where we have accidents, jim and rahel, back over to you. well, updating breaking news, one person was rushed to the hospital after a car smash es through a home in east oak lane. >> police are trying to figure out what happened. trang do is live on cheltenham avenue, good morning, trang
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what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning. we are working to get more information from police but take a look you have to see this it is an absolute mess, hours after this accident happened here. you can see, look right into this side of this building here, the corner was complete ly taken off. this accident involved two different cars. let me take to you cheltenham avenue here where we will pan over. cheltenham avenue near broad street you can see that car. there were two cars driving along cheltenham avenue, one got locked up and then they collided, and, that is when they went right into this guardrail you see here and careened all the way on to the sidewalk, into this house, that you see here. i'm told this is a medical facility, residential medical facility and there are two buildings here, everybody was in the other building, on this campus, and what we are hearing is that one person was transported to the hospital, and it is unclear whether that person was in one of the two cars or whether they were
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inside this particular building, but you guys, still a lot to clean up here. there is debris every where that you really cannot see unless you get closer look. is there glass all over the place. even part of the guardrail there, just down the street, just a few blocks. so very good news people were not seriously hurt in this. the damage is very extensive to this house, l and i was out here condemning this place and so, just a lot of clean up, to be done here on east oak lane but for now we are live, i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. in other news, dozens of veterans show their expert for fellow vet after he terrorized in a home invasion in northeast philadelphia. >> applause. >> we have your back. >> the man behind that door is 88 year-old korean vet pete labuda, earlier yesterday morning he said two men invaded his bustleton home at
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gunpoint, tied him up, robbing him of tens of thousands of dollars and his contacted dak. when warrior watch riders a troop support group heard the news, they took action. >> somebody tried to rob him and steel his money, and he worked hard for it. our backpack says we have got your back at home. we want to make sure this veteran is in the forgotten. >> police arrested two men hours later in north philadelphia's hard owe gate section where they found labuda's blue cadillac. investigators are looking for a female suspect whom they believed helped the two men. a delaware judge is expected to decide fate of three teenage girls charged in the death of the classmate today. seventeen year-old are tried as juveniles in the death of the 16 year-old amy joyner frances. joyner frances died in april 2016 after a fight in the bathroom recorded on camera at howard high school of technology in wilmington. defense attorneys claim that she had a rare heart condition and that is what caused her death after the fight. well, jury selection is set to begin next week in the trial of the camden county fat 's accused of killing his own son. dj creato, sat quietly
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yesterday in, court, he is accused of killing his three-year old son, brandon, and then dumping the little boy's body in the wooded area of cooper river park in 2015. yesterday in, a key ruling, a judge said he will allow, jurors to visit exact location where brandon's body was found today is final day of testimony in the eric frein trial, before the easter break yesterday, jurors heard, entries from frein's journal which he kept during a seven week manhunt for him. at one point frein said police were a football field away from catching him. frein's accused of shooting and killing state police corporal brian dickson and wounding another trooper. president trump says he is new in support of the nato despite what was said on the campaign trail last year. the president met with the treaty's organizations secretary general, yesterday at the white house, press secretary sean spicer said yesterday that nato countries have been performing better in terms of their financial commitments and that is what changed the president's view. president claimed u.s. pays more than other members. >> the secretary general and i
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had a productive discussion about what more nato can do in the fight against terrorism. i complained about that a long time ago and they made a change. now think do fight terrorism. i said it was obsolete. it is in longer obsolete. >> president trumble is expected to make a trip to nato headquarters in brussels next month. secretary of state rex tillerson says u.s./russia relations could be at their lowest point in decade. tillerson's visit to moscow was first time a member of the trump administration met face-to-face with russian officials. secretary of state met behind closed doors with president vladamire putin. president russia veto u.n. resolution condemning syria's use of chemical weapon on its own citizens. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a close call for a little girl. >> she's okay after bullets go by her head, find out what happened outside a barber shop that led to the gun fire. plus living through the crack of a small child falls getting on a train and then survives.
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a new trend in technology, why some people are implanting microchips in their body and how it is now leading to security concerns. >> ♪ getting in the rhythm for spring weather, katie's back with your holiday forecast, right after this. that is coming up next. what a fitting song, katie said other day thinks one of her favorite songs. >> we will be right back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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well, shocking footage is released showing young children slipping through cracks between trains and platforms, in australia. sidney trains is reminding parents to keep a close eye on their kid at train stations. video release is part of the safety campaign in new south wales. according to the transportation department there 81 children suffered injuries just last year, from slipping and falling on train platforms. also, caught on cameras gunshots just missed a little girl as she sits in the store. now she says that was not the intended target this video shows a four year-old girl playing in her grandfather's barber shop outside phoenix and as she sits down bullets smashed through the window, and the girl runs to safety. one man heard shots while
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working next door. >> it is really, shocking. really luck that i she didn't get hurt any worse. >> police arrested suspected shooter, they say he had a money dispute with the tattoo parlor next to the barber shop and meant to hit tattoo parlor he faces multiple charges including aggravated assault. >> because that makes it better. man behind wall street's famous charging bull sculpture says fearless girl statue violates his rights. the artist, says that the new statue turned his bull in the bad guy. fearless girl exploits the bull for commercial purposes and they want it moved. statue of the girl with the hand on her hipps was placed there in march. mayor bill deblast yes wants to it stay there until next year. it was pretty popular a lot of new yorkers would like it to stay there. >> it is interesting to me. i guess artists, the issue was it turns the bull in the bad guy but it brings so many people to see it in the first place, right.
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>> it sparks conversation. >> absolutely. >> yeah, too. i'm with you. interesting debate for sure. but as far as, let's bring it back to what i'm supposed to talk about. we have got weather on our hand. it is looking absolutely stellar yet again. sit as warm as yesterday or day before? no, it is not but it is still going to be a few degrees above average and really nice day. i show you this wider zoom on storm scan to start off for a reason. your eye gets drawn to this. will this survive moving east? probably not. it looks like it will fizzle entirely as it moves, east so we will get some cloud out of it, but no rain in the next few days. these are dew points. remember long and short of dew points is this. it measures moisture in the air. lower number the dryer the air , and in short, the less humidity you'll have to face. these are low dew points, guys , we have a hint of the breeze but we are looking at nice spring weather, good hair day overall, comfortable day on tap and daytime highs that will top off in the mid 60's.
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not bad at all for mid-april. comfortable weather, 66, sunshine, couple of cloud, modest breeze out of the north /northwest. later tonight we will see temperatures drop back down in the 40's. still on the cool side but let's break down easter weekend while we have your attention here because we are seeing a new system moving in at that point but timing looks like it will be on our side, saturday night and sunday night, bring the best chance for to us see wet weather, that is when front cross through. warm front saturday, cold front saturday. in between we will warm up easily on easter sunday to 80 degrees but the basically just see here if you have outdoor plans this weekend, keep them, they will be during daylight hours i'm assuming but it looks like we will see wet weather at all it will generally happen at night. moving forward in the seven day forecast, yeah, easter sunday end up being warmest spot of the pack here behind the cold front passage and then on sunday night we are back to sunny skies, beautiful weather both monday and tuesday. not a bad forecast, meisha. nice to have that on
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easter, thanks very much. looking outside we have an accident route 202 markly street southbound at main street in norristown that has been since cleared, so just kind of a cute neighborhood camera shot for you, looks good around there basically looks kind of good every where we're looking, a couple hot spots are heating up on the schuylkill but we can expect that now pushing in the 6:00 o'clock hour. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction past montgomery and i-95 south past betsy ross bridge. those are two areas heating up but again these are typical places and, of course, quarter past or so 6:17 to be exact we can expect to it start slowing down as we push in the eastbound direction toward center city on the schuylkill. i-95 south, we have to expect that there. we have this accident here 422 royersford, eastbound, township line road, take a look at that red, showing 4 miles an hour. that is basically you are stacked. it is snail's crawl because of that accident. if you can maybe wait it a little bit hold off in your
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homes that is smarter thing or add extra time. take a look at how bad yellow goes back, 30 and then drop bumper to bumper. jim and rahel, back to you. today marks holy thursday which means pope francis has a very big day ahead of him. >> holy father will lead his roman catholic followers in to easter weekend. it is considered the holiest week on the christian calendar this is video from the vatican where pontiff led a poly thursday mass just a few hours ago. he has been set to visit a prison later today where he will kiss and wash feet of prisoners. coming up, it sound like a sci-fi movie, adults implanting themselves with microchips. >> why they are doing it and why it is raising concerns about privacy. also ahead it looks like a food truck on temple's campus but students are flocking here with their phones, how a recent graduate came up with this clever business idea when we
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welcome back. looking ahead to the upcoming easter holiday weekend we are
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expecting sunshine throughout the daylight hours of saturday , showers that night and a very warm easter. 80 degrees is what we're currently calling for on easter sunday but there will be a couple showers working their way through late in the day and at night sunday when cold front passes, guys. all right, katie, thank you. now for newspaper headlines across the region. >> intelligencer bucks county emt, ambulance crews or outfit ting their ambulance was protective gear. every essential bucks emergency medical services staff member will be required to wear newly acquired vest toss every single emergency call. central bucks e ms bought about 60 vests for just under $500 a piece. middletown emergency squad also bought 50 vests with the help of the $7,000 grant. on the cover of the mercury, perkiomen valley school board approved a five use contract with barbara a russell to be the next district's superintendent. russell starting salary will be $185,000 per year, she will
6:23 am
replace, superintendent, clifford rog hours was set to retire june 30th. rodgers is paid $200,000 per year. reading eag with the an expanded presence in downtown reading, this years 2017 jazz fest brought bigger crowd then usual, to city stores and restaurants. estimate $40.000 attended jazz festival events, the economic impact is five million-dollar. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, micro chipped implanted in humans could tackle the way we do every day tasks but they could put our privacy at risk. some employees inside even volume teared to put the new technology to the test. >> in a stockholm business complex employees gained access not with key card, but with the wave of a hand. >> this is something that you can use, just like a key badge >> reporter: recent tech conference, this man, showed and explained how a micro chipped implanted in his hand makes his life easier. it replaces keys, card that
6:24 am
used to clutter his pockets. >> i used this many times a day. for example to unlock my smart phone, open the door to my office. >> reporter: he calls himself a bio hacker. >> we bio hackers we think that the human body is a good start but is there certainly room for improvement. >> reporter: first step in that improvement is getting a micro chip about the size of the grain of rice, slipped under the skin, suddenly touch of the hand is enough to tell the office printer that thinks an authorized user. >> it is pretty scary but it vice modern. >> reporter: microchips are radio frequency identification tags, same technology, widely used in things like key card, and the chips have been implanted in animals, for years, to help identified lost pets and new technology is moving to humans, but each touch leaves a digital footprint and that can compromise privacy. even a dedicated bio hacker has concerns. >> very easy to have a chip implanted.
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my advice is don't put your life secrets on a chip implant >> you think. >> bio hackers predict next generation of chips will save lives by monitoring health and fitness but for now, being chipped means you don't to have feel bad about forgetting your key card. >> is that what they say. >> yes. >> new truck on temple university campus promises something completely other than food, repair you is a phone repair cart setting up shop on 13th and north street. if your phonies acting up they will fix it on the stop. jesse delaura founded repair you out of his temple dorm room. >> our motto is keep prices low for students. students don't have money. they need their phones fix. we keep our overhead low, rather then paying monthly rent every day. we can affordable art price test students. >> he is a business student, jesse hopes to make his unique phone fixing business to campuses throughout the country. >> very good idea. >> that is a very good truck. >> phone food trucks.
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>> i don't know how to work my phony would be there once a day. time running out to file your taxes. >> i'm on it. next half an hour advice if you don't think you will meet the deadline, jan. it has been a year since death of high school senior amy joyner frances and today three teens charged in her death could learn their fate, i'm jan carabao reporting live this morning, coming up we will break down both side of the case. more fall out for united airlines after passenger was forcibly removed from one of flights, i'm roxana say ber any new york with that story coming up. all right, our morning drive is looking good but we have a couple accidents to tell but out there. water main repairs and construction, i'll have updates coming up. if you is where we will take a quick break stay right where you
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. i will take you right over because it is, a crazy sight here. >> car crashes in the house in east oak lane sending one person to the hospital. a judge in delaware will decide if three teenagers are at fault in the death of their classmate. >> this has been a heart break ing year for family of amy joyner frances. >> no one should be worried about their child like that. >> a community gathers for answers after a young girl is kidnaped and sexually assaulted. >> this morning the sixers are revealing a brand new work of art to walt file our city and pay homage to the greats. >> my mom thought it would be cool if i did something like this. i ended up winning this mural arts contest. >> there is a high fly ball to deep left center field, he is going back, it is gone.
6:31 am
a grand slam for miguel franco . >> that grand slam was awesome but not enough to give phillies the win. >> indeed they did lose five- four as phillies get swept at home but, season young, have faith it is still early. >> lets send it out to katie talking about mild weather again. >> yes, definitely, is it as warm as last few days? i'll be honest, absolutely in the but we are looking at a nice spring day. nice comfort to the air mass that is currently settling in for us, it is a dry air mass. we will end up with more sun then anything. we will have a few cloud here today but high pressure to thank for a cool start to the day but tranquil weather out there you can see a couple of cloud across central and western pennsylvania but, other than those rolling through with time here today, it is not a sign of anything to come in terms of wet weather. we will stay dry here. today and tomorrow. the temperature change is noticeable. we are 10 to flirting with 20 degrees cooler in places
6:32 am
like northern suburbs our allentown, reading, mount pocono 20 degrees cooler. 8 degrees from 24 hours ago in philadelphia but again, it is noticeable. would i walk out the door with an extra layer. as that translates to the thermometer read initial a handful we are up 49 degrees in philadelphia. at the airport dew points nice and low, so it feels a little bit cooler, then thermometer read but there is no touch of humidity in this forecast whatsoever for today. really nice weather in store. expect more sun then anything. okay, we have a couple of cloud with time here. but this is where we should be , high of 66 degrees. just a few degrees milder. our normal high is 63. we are expecting another very substantial warm up to come our way in the days ahead. and it looks like it will have good timing for the easter weekend, so we will talk about that forecast, and system that will move through during that time too. just a little later on, meisha all about easter right now , thanks very much, katie. good morning. happy thursday, gateway to the
6:33 am
weekend it is looking pretty good. we are of course, heating up in some certain spots but there are typical spots. boulevard pushing in the south wound direction toward the schuylkill is what you can look at right there. would i say this is pretty light in terms of what we typically see around 6:30 pushing toward 7:00. but overall things are looking good and then once we jump on the schuylkill we are busier but we can expect. that schuylkill westbound at city avenue traveling less than posted speed, 6:30 approaching seven. we will get used to this, give yourself a couple extra minutes there one area where you want to give yourself extra time is in royersford. so this accident right here is involving, multiple vehicles, at lee five, route 422 eastbound at township line road. you are traveling around 10 miles an hour here up to maybe 18 if you are lucky. you will tap your brakes across the accident. you will have substantial gaper delays, well, just a head up, i would give yourself
6:34 am
at lee a half an hour, maybe in other in this area every minute that gets by it is getting busier. head up, that accident still out there, multiple vehicles, it will slow you down, back over to you. fate of three teenage girls rest in the hand of the delaware judge. >> a judge is expected to design whether a teens are at fault in the death of the classmate. lets get over to, jan carabao who picks up the story now in wilmington. good morning, jan. >> jim and rahel, this is a non-jury trial here in family court and judge said earlier this week, after closing arguments were through that he would be prepared to hand out his ruling later today. as you can imagine this has been an extremely tough year for family of amy joyner francis. >> one year ago this month, 16 year-old amy joyner francis died after this brutal bathroom brawl at howard high school of technology in wilmington. the fight was caught on cell phone video. joyner frances family had to watch it time and again during closing arguments this week.
6:35 am
>> we're all devastated. it is, almost like,. >> soon three teens on trial learn their fate, defense attorneys argue joyner francis was willing participant in this fight and that her death was unforeseeable. teen died afterward, doctors say, from a extremely rare heart condition that had gone undetect. prosecutors on the other hand, say joyner francis wasn't looking to fightin steady was unexpectedly attacked in the bathroom that day while trying to diffuse a tense situation caused by an on line group chat. three girls all 17 are charged as juveniles in her death. alleged assailant is charged with criminally negligent homicide, all three are charged with misdemeanor conspiracy. even if expound responsible it is possible none will face jail time since juvenile system has no mandated sentences for those charges. >> that is tough because at the end of the day three young laid his cost the life of a beautiful young lady named amy joyner francis, they get to go
6:36 am
home and the joyner francis family has to always get to a cemetery. >> reporter: now judge is scheduled to hand down his ruling right around 9:00 this morning, of course, we will there been to cover it autopsy and bring you updates on air and on line at cbs for now, we are live from wilmington, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, very much, jan. staying in delaware now police are trying to calm the fears of the community after a four year-old girl is abducted and sexually assaulted in new castle county. "eyewitness news", say at john dickinson high school last night. officers gave stranger danger tips to parents to how to tell their kid. child was kidnaped outside plum run last thursday night. she was found two hours later walking by banning park. >> this incident has struck a cord with everyone in our police department, every one is putting forward their best effort. >> police are still looking for child's abductor, parents
6:37 am
we spoke with say disturbing incident has shaken their view of their normally quiet community. well, every year a quarter of americans wait until the bitter end, to file their taxes. >> but what was that dirty look you just gave my just happened to look over. >> last minute. >> you are getting a late start like me cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live with last minute tax tips good morning, jill. >> help us jill, help us. >> i dedicate this segment to you my friend. i'm worried about you. >> so jill, what if you owe money but cannot pay in full by april 18th deadline. >> well, you should still file on time, and try to pay as much as you can because that is going to reduce potential penalties, and interest charges. now, if you cannot pay all of the taxes you owe there are three good options. you can request a additional time to pay through the on line payment agreement application, you can call
6:38 am
(800)829-1040. irs may grant you 120 days more to pay the bill. now, lets say that 120, that is not enough time, you can also apply for an irs installment agreement, for a fee that will put you on a monthly payment plan. finally cow were called a credit or debit card but this is an expensive way to go because you are going to pay fees. here's bottom line no matter what if you owe, don't ignore it because irs will find you. >> well, i will, jill, you were worried but i will make final deadline but what if you can't. >> reporter: let's just say something better comes along for you, you do not want to file on time, you can get a six month extension, form 4868 you do that by april 18th. otherwise you will face very nasty penalties for filing and late payments. that can total actually, almost 50 percent of what you owe, to your taxes. now remember, extensions there
6:39 am
is a major caveat you get extra time to file but not pay you have to estimate your tax liability and pay 90 percent to avoid a penalty. also, thinks interesting, a lot of people don't real aisles an extension does not provide with you extra time to make your 2016 ira or rot ira contributions, they are still due by april 18th. small business owners out there if you are doing a sep that can be extended, until the october deadline. >> all right, thanks. >> rahel will not owe money, she's owed a refund. you're giving a government a loan why with you do that. >> i want to you know, jim's back here watching mere. i was taking note, 4868 you don't need an extension, you are owed money. >> oh, my goodness. >> every day, jill, every day. >> thank you. >> meisha hasn't filed either. i'm not the only one. >> any flight was cancelled. >> what sit, i'm dealing with this. >> thank you, katie. >> all right.
6:40 am
>> jill, we started something here. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you. relatives of doctor dragged off united flight are expected to speak to the media we knew this was coming. >> this comes after passenger takes his first steps toward a possible lawsuit against a airline. roxana saberi picks up the store friday new york. >> oh, my god. >> days after 69 year-old doctor david doa was dragged off united flight 3411, videos of his ordeal are still sparking outrage. >> it was a very traumatic event, for everybody. >> reporter: doa's family is expect to speak publicly for the first time today. he will be joined by his lawyers hoff filed legal papers, asking the city and airline to preserve evidence related to the case. a move that typically precede a lawsuit. >> it was a system failure. >> reporter: united is desperately trying to contain fall out after video of the sunday's incident went viral. the company is offering refund
6:41 am
to passengers on the plane, and ceo oscar munoz may are made yet another apology wednesday, this time on abc's good morning america. >> the word shame comes to mind. you saw us at a bad moment and this can never, will never happen again report report munoz says airline will no longer use law enforcement to remove both paid and seated passengers from their spots this woman said she was sitting right behind doa when he was removed. >> officer said are you going to go through all of this trouble, end up with a record, and end up in jail. he basically held his ground. >> reporter: chicago city council will hold a hearing in the incident. representatives from united and chicago aviation department have been summoned to testify. roxana saberi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". working to preserve memory of a founding father, still ahead, historic spot under repair and when it will be ready for public, pat. >> good morning, guys.
6:42 am
we are here at terminis bakery in south philadelphia and we are making one and only, easter bread. freshly, they are letting me touch the dough this morning. i don't know why they are letting me do it. budd they are. i think i'm getting it, right. it works for me. we will show you how it is done when we come right back. >> ♪ you know what goes well easter bread? >> what, rahel. >> coffee. >> ahh. >> we know where you can get free coffee and fill up for absolutely nothing. >> absolutely free. >> um-hmm. >> today. >> oh, my. >> yes.
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one of the philadelphia's most popular historic spots is having repair work done. crews have, cordond off grave
6:46 am
of the ben franklin at christ church burial ground to repair cracks in the grave stone. the eagles, university of pennsylvania and rock star john bon jovi and others raised more than 80 you this dollars for the work which should be done by end of the movement do you remember that story where they were trying to get money raised. >> that that is my neighborhood. did you donate. >> i have. >> it is interesting. >> no, i did. i actually d i throw pennies, you throw pennies, that is good luck. >> yes, that is right. >> and just to know that they will pay to fix crack in his grave stone but not liberty bell, right. >> no. >> never mind. >> i know, i'm kidding. lets go out to eyewitness weather watchers. we will hear bit on twit tore day. my goodness. eyewitness weather watchers are reporting a mild start all and all here across the delaware valley. we have upper 40's. very pleasant weather. it is cozy outside in april.
6:47 am
this is how it should feel. eileen reports 44 degrees in the lah 10 minutes. nice clear sky for her in gilbertsville and she had just a very uplifting, comment, what a day. beautiful morning. in the only that but friday eve and free wawa coffee in case you haven't heard. we cannot stop talking about. that lets go to another one, down in central delaware where 53. mildest spots on the pack coming from andy he had cloud cover here. you will see that throughout the day. it is still dry. he is loving it regardless. we will continue this theme throughout the day. even though it won't warm up as easily we are still off to a mild start. we're going to end up warming up in to the mid 60's here. looking at storm scan high pressure is the thing for quiet wet's cross northeast in general and locally. don't worry about this, this looks a lot worse then it will be by the time it reaches us. when it gets to us it is just cloud. it will have fizzled by that point. in the meantime, we have to talk about how this is moving
6:48 am
yet again. we will see this eyewitness weather health rorrer. almost on a daily basis. especially with spring allergies. levels are still high. air quality good. uv index still moderate. we will see a few cloud. keeping in mind that april sun angle gets awfully high and can be deceptive. you go outside thinking you won't get burned in the spring sunshine and you do with no problem. we will see showers moving in late in the day saturday especially that nate. possibly sunday night. overall easter weekend, meisha is looking pretty nice. >> look at that 80 on sunday. all right, katie, thanks very much. for that. we will enjoy going out on those easter egg hunts, mom and dad too, you are not exempt. we have 95 south at betsy ross bridge that has moved out of the way but you can see it is still busy. we have a disabled vehicle on the northbound side that might be cleared, as well, schuylkill westbound at city avenue, it is, slow, moving, in longer traveling at a posted speed. you can expect. that give yourself a couple extra minutes as you typically month. we have an accident here in
6:49 am
royersford involving multiple vehicles. they were saying at lee five vehicles, route 422 eastbound at township line road, because this is in longer showing, right now, showing yellow at 30 miles an hour, no longer the four, that we were seeing a little bit ago. that tells me it is kind of settling itself. it is moving out of your way. hopefully off to the shoulder but i would give yourself extra time there. then we have another accident. water main break in delaware, still out there 202 southbound at powder mill road two right lanes are block there jim and rahel, back there. wawa is celebrating its anniversary with a gift for you. >> they are giving away coffee for free all day. we heard from katie in her whither watchers. it is 53rd anniversary of the very first opening of the wawa store. wawa in six states are marking the day and occasion with the free dutch of joe. at wawa at 19th and market mayor jim kenney and wawa officials will announce plans for the welcome america celebration in philadelphia. time is 6:49. we have a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live with the preview, good morning
6:50 am
, charlie. >> good morning. president trump flip-flops on russia, nato and on china so we will look at his change in opinion and try to see dancing plus ben tracie inside north korea kim jong untried to show sanctions are not working, he stayed, at an elaborate spectacle. world's fastest car to more dog friendly features what to expect from the new york auto show. mixing bible with beyonce, james brown at virginia church , where a pastor figured out how to appeal to a new generation of workers. we will see you in 10 minutes. >> bet it does, thank you. we will be watching. from freshly baked bread to sweet pastries many local bakeries are preparing for the busy easter holiday. >> terminis brothers in south philadelphia it includes making traditional holiday favorites. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live there now with the details, good morning, pat good morning, guys, they let me here, they are letting
6:51 am
me bake this morning. not very good at you the bye we're learning. if you are from the delaware valley and don't know about terminis i feel bad but. man that can tell you more about this outstanding bakery is joey, joey, how are you doing. >> great, new thaw are here. >> such a sweetheart. >> came in and lend a hand. >> for those that don't necessity anything about term ini, give a back gun. they should already know. >> we have been in business 95 years, third generation, my brother and i. we do what we love. we think we do it the best. there it is. >> i'll find people in philadelphia will agree with you. >> i'm sure in the all of them but we'd like to think so you are making braid right now, and making easter bread. this you only do obviously one time of the year. >> that is it. >> how many are you pumping out. >> i know, six batches to day,
6:52 am
four pans, or four braid a pan e don't know, i cannot do it that fast. >> i'm not a math major myself >> let's make them, shall we. >> lay them out. >> i already showed what you to do. >> we are throwing them down, cutting in third, right. >> yes. >> look at that. >> terrible cutting. let's get started: more terrible cutting. >> a little uneven but you are taking it home with you. >> most ugly braid we have done. >> it is not your only thing here at terminis. >> we have so many different traditional italian ties. my brother has been hard working here, because he is by the oven. >> he is over in the corner hiding. >> of course, traditional cannolis which everybody that comes, has to leave with the cannoli. >> that is right. >> banana pie, easter breads, all of the bunnies, and it
6:53 am
goes on and on. >> sure. >> it is astounding. >> you have lines out the door , people waiting overnight to get in here. >> best time of the year and most exhaust continuing time of the year for sure. >> this has got to be up there you are pumping out easter bread. >> yes it is non-stop. >> yes. >> this doesn't look that good >> that is kind of not good. >> he has been doing it for 35 years this guy. >> yes. >> it will look better than yours. >> it is not so bad. >> terrible. >> it is a little bit thick. >> let me help you. >> let's put these, and make this one bigger so you can braid within here. >> people want to come out, soon, to get ready for good friday, easter sunday. >> easter sunday is big but get here soon because we are starting to run out of some stuff. >> get down hire, guys. >> i know back in the studio you guys hooked us up with some boot full -- they always get mad at me because i don't
6:54 am
like bring stuff back. >> yes. >> and they want me to bring it back. >> we don't need you now, pat. >> we didn't do anything for you. >> fresh cannolis. >> these are good. >> okay. >> look at that. >> i'm starving. >> look at that. >> this is good. >> thank terminis, they brought over great deserts, easter bread, we have pies, cup cakes, we are eating well here this morning. all we need is coffee. >> we have finished product here to show you yes, beautiful. >> yes, amazing too. >> we will be right back with three to go. >> yes. >> all we need is wawa coffee. >> are we interrupting your breakfast. >> this is
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
easter is coming.... and kmart's got the sweet deals you need. so hip hop in -- and get your groove on. ♪
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before we leave you here's three to go. >> one person is in the hospital after a crash send a car in the building at broad street and cheltenham avenue ande oak lane. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. judge us expected to decide fate of three teens accused in the death of the classmate during a fight in the wilmington high school. three girls are tried as juveniles. and wawa opened up its very first day on this date in 1954. now they are celebrate buying giving away free coffee. grab yours today. that is three to go.
6:59 am
lets get a check of weather and traffic. >> perfect day to me, when it comes to coughe free as well as weather that we have got here today, beautiful day to day here. forty-four outside this morning. handful of cloud. painting pretty colors along the sky line there, just a very serene look to the sky right now. moving forward we will hit 66 today, quiet end to the week. few showers late on saturday, meisha. >> we have an accident in royersford, maybe clearing out now involving multiple vehicles. one point they were saying five plus, 422 eastbound at township line red we are traveling around posted speed, again looking berth and take a look at ben franklin bridge looking gorgeous in the westbound direction. well, next up on cbs this morning look at president trump's foreign policy shifts after he flip-flops on russia, nato and china. >> and remember to join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a good day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, april 13th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump flip-flops on russia, china, and nato. a sears of statements in one day, what he said and promised throughout a long campaign. >> we are inside north korea where overnight the country's dictator put on an elaborate display to try to show the world that sanctions aren't working. and ahead of eeftd ter sunday we visit a church where the pastor mixes beyonce with the bible to fill the pews. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we're not getting along w


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